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Title: 15 inchers
Post by: Virtulent on April 15, 2016, 07:40:53 PM
Im saving/planning for coils and still researching, while doing so it also got my mind turning.

I have 15x7 C1Ms on my car right now with 205/50s and was thinking of going wider/changing the look as I had these wheels on my 99 and swapped them over. These wheels are close to the banjo bolts but still have ~4mm of clearance which so far hasn't been an issue. I was looking at others build threads and seeing some Konigs, flatout for example, are dangerously close to the bolts which would need the low profile ones. I'm just wondering if anyone has kept tabs on which 15 inch wheels are able to run without low profile banjo bolts, and I guess I am also wondering if I am dumb for not having the low profile bolts and running 15s already.

Title: Re:
Post by: barmato on April 15, 2016, 08:18:21 PM
Im running Konig Flatouts in 15x8 et25 with no clearance issues to the stock banjo bolts.  I dont know how much clearance there is but its not "dangerously" close.   

Title: Re: 15 inchers
Post by: Chrisbee on April 16, 2016, 11:56:39 AM
I'd be more concerned about if a specific wheel will clear the sport brakes rather than the banjo bolts. The bolts are an easy fix, the brakes... not so much.  :)

Title: Re: 15 inchers
Post by: warty on April 29, 2016, 02:29:09 PM
I've had no issues with TRMotorsport 15x9 C3Ms & the stock bolts.