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Title: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: wallacehat on August 08, 2006, 06:08:03 PM
If you want your numbers posted here, please use the exact same format as below...

Please post your best dyno figures for wheel hp and wheel tq using SAE correction. Also please list relevant power adders. Lets keep the thread clutter free, so no chatting. I'll delete the posts after I update the list with your info (once they give me admin rights.  ). Honor system here boys and girls, so please be honest with your numbers. Post only those numbers for the MSM.

300 rwhp club

1)  mzspeed - 306hp/286tq @ 25.7psi  60F  Dynapack Dyno  1.0 correction  
MODS: BEGI MSM Turbo kit GT2860rs turbo, SGDP, FM MSM catback, XEDE, RC 550 injectors, Mazda 323 J spec connecting rods, FM O2 mod,  ACT Extreme clutch, Prolite 10.4 flywheel, Izix Concepts air oil separator

250 rwhp club

1)  Wineboyatx-271hp/245tq @15psi 93octane 100F.  1.08 correction factor (1.02 normal)!
MODS: 9to1 Wiseco, Eagle rods.  GT2860 S4 manifold, xede ,440's, BEGi FMU, Sep gases 2 1/2" exhaust.

2)  MohawkMikeMSM - 270whp/236tq DynoJet
MODS: T3/T04E Garrett 60Trim Comp .64a/r BackHousing, TiAL 38mm wg, Greddy BOV, R/C 550cc inj, Hydra 2.6, Koyo 53mm Rad, Dual SPAL High speed fans, Ebay ic. Custom 2.5" exhaust and ic piping. Vics and ISC removed intake, custom wire tucked and electric relay system for fans, and dual HIDS. Still has power steering and cold a/c

3)  Kingspeed - 259 whp/214tq @11.6psi on E85  Mustang Dyno
Mods: Euro/JDM flattop intake manifold, artech tubular manifold with turbosmart external wastegate, and BNR Evo X 16g upgraded turbo, custom 3 inch downpipe and v-band corksport 3 inch exhaust, MS2V3 ecu, 1000cc injectors, and hondata intake manifold gasket.

4) hoyabob2003 - 254.88hp/236.22tq -@ 14PSI - 91 octane gas  Dynojet @ 65F.
Mods: Deadbolt turbo upgrade, BEGi TB tube, BEGI TB tube, Forge Bypass, BEGI SG DP without cat, FM intake, FM FMIC, Xede with 440cc injectors, 3bar racing MBC set as low as it could go.

5) VagaXt - 253 whp / 233.2 lb-ft @ 9 psi and 91 octane Rototest (correction factor 15%)
MODS: Custom 1884cc BP engine built by Flyin' Miata; full FM2 turbo kit w/ GT2560R turbine on manual boost control, full Flyin' Miata single-pipe turbo exhaust system, custom V-mount oil cooler

225 rwhp club

1) mprhead5 - 240WHP 225 TQ   Dynojet@ STD correction factor
MODS: Blouch turbo upgrade, Hydra 550cc, full intake/exhaust, 27x7x2.5 intercooler

2) BEGi - 235.47 rwhp / 242.12 ft-lbs torque STD correction; 98 Octane Gas
MODS: Xede w/ 560 cc Injectors; Compressor Wheel Upgrade; Custom Exhaust; Stock MSM Intercooler; Stock Motor; Stock Clutch; Stock Air Intake; BEGi Throttle Inlet Tube; BEGI S/G Downpipe w/ CAT bypass;

3) pwcfan - 233.9whp/216.6ftlbs, 91 octane at sea level Dynapack SAE Correction.
MODS: FM-Big Enchilada/GFBov.

4) Mojobama - 228hp/236tq -@ 12PSI -  Mustang Dyno @ 95F 93 octane gas
MODS: 5 Speed Tranny / Deadbolt turbo upgrade / Hydra 2.6 ECU w/wideband /550cc R.C. F.I./ Snow Performance Stage 1 Water/Meth injection/ Full FM Intake kit (no MAF)/ GFB VTA BOV/ FM DP/ Magnaflow exhaust/ 28"x6.5"X2 3/8" FMIC/ Hallmark Pro RX MBC
5) wallacehat - 226hp/224tq(2004 Ti MSM)
MODS:  Hydra, 3" Turbo Back, 440cc RX7 Injectors, FM Intake and TB Pipe, HKS EVC Boost Controller @ 12psi) - more boost to come!!!!!!

200 rwhp club

1) MINX- Aussie MSM (SE) 223.1 RWHP - 217 lb/ft, @12 PSI 90F (Aussie)98 octane DynoDynamics Dyno,
MODS: Upgraded IHI, Ebay IC, AEM Intake, FM Throttle Body Intake,TurboSmart Recirc, Custom Downpipe with 100cel cat, Off shelf generic sports muffler, Haltech piggyback, 460cc Inj, Stock internals, plus other handling bits.

2) silverblur - 222 RWHP - 217 lb/ft, @12 PSI 97F 93 octane Dynojet at sealevel,
MODS: FM Upgraded IHI, FMIC, FM Intake, GFB Recirc, FMDP, Hydra, 550cc Inj, MBC

3)  Dange - 220hp/214tq @ 12psi
MODS: untuned/stockturbo,  Begi intake/cold air box, Begi TB pipe, 330cc dualspray injectors,  FM o2 mod,  Forge bpv, halman MBC.  catless DP, cxracing FMIC, magnaflow catback,  30% mix of VP MS109 fuel/70% 91 octane

4) SA Tex - 220hp/206tq(12.5 psi) Dynojet
MODS: Xede,RC440 Injectors,Blouch turbo upg., AEM intake, FM dp,TB elbow, Enthusa XR exh, BEGI intercooler and tuning

5) The_Guff- 216.7whp/207.7tq @10.5 PSI Dyno Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer
MODS: Turbo Upgrade, AEM SRI, Magnaflow Exhaust, FM DP, ETS FMIC Kit, Port/Polished IM w/VTCS Removed, Hondata Gasket, FM TBI, HKS SSQV, Turbosmart Single Stage MBC (8.5 PSI Low Boost/ 11.5 PSI High Boost), 330cc Dual-Spray Injectors, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, Mazdaspeed Motor Mounts, Weapon R Engine Damper, FM PCV Valve

6) Brent - 214hp/184tq (04 VR)-12psi/93 octane. Mustang Dynamometer 79 degrees
MODS: Hydra Nemesis, 550cc injectors, FM DP,stock midpipe, 2.5' Enthuza Catback, AEM intake/ no MAF, EBAY FMIC

7) jerseymiata - 213.13 rwhp, 204.06 tq  10.5psi (+ creepage to 12-13)... SAE correction, #5 smoothing using WinPEP v.7.5.2 93 octane, atmospheric conditions: approx. 50 degrees F.
MODS:  FM intake, custom SGDP, 3-inch exhaust, 14x9 Magnaflow,

8 ) wrathchild - 213hp/204tq
MODS: Xede-460cc injects, FM intake setup,FM full exh, Ebay FMIC, ported/polished throttlebody, lightly worked inlet of intake manifold, 10PSI

9) SJK -- 213HP/ 181 tq (04 VR) 11psi/92 octane.  88 degrees.
MODS: Hydra Nemesis, 550cc injectors, FM DP/exhaust, FM Intake, FMIC

10) Magma - 211hp/195tq (2005 LO)- 10 psi
MODS: TDR intercooler/Intake/MBC/FM DP/Magnaflow Catback

11) SA Tex - 210hp/200tq
MODS: Xede w/dual spray inj, AEM intake, FM dp and TB elbow, Exthusa XR exh, BEGI intercooler and tuning

12) Draz - 209.65 hp 192 tq
MODS:  down pipe/exhaust, ETS intercooler and intake, boost control 11psi, o2 mod, HKS SSQV

13) Miatajim - 206.5hp/201.1tq @10.5 PSI
MODS: Full FM intake kit, FM Downpipe, GFB VTA

14) jcncc - 203.77HP/187.74Tq (04 TI)
MODS: BEGI Sep Gas with Cat Downpipe, BEGI TBI, BEGI CAI, Xede, 440 Injects, BEGI Intercooler, Forge BPV, Enthusa Mid Pipe, Enthusa Speeder Muffler.

15) unknownhost - 203hp/207tq (2004 Ti MSM) @12psi, 68* outdoor temp on 93oct
MODS:  Hydra,RC 550cc's,Catless FM DP,2.5" catback,AEM intake,ebay FMIC,FM TB Inlet, GFB VTA BOV,Hallman MBC

16) CrackerJackToy - 200hp/184tq
MODS: Xede - 330cc Injs - Forge BPV- FM Intake - FM DP - 3" Exhaust - BEGI TBI Tube - STOCK Intercooler

190 rwhp club

1) Aruba - 198 RWHP / 190 TQ  (2004 MSM) @10 psi on 91 octane on DynoJet dyno
MODS: FMIC, GFB BOV, MBC, O2 Clamp, FM turboback, BEGI cold air intake kit, BEGI TB pipe, 37MM Koyo radiator

2) Spoolin - 196.14hp/179.47tq (2004 VR MSM) @12psi, 77.45* outdoor temp on 92 Octane containing 10% ethanol
MODS:  Mild P&P intake, VTCS butterflies removed, EGR block-off,  Custom CAI, Modified MAF,2.5" IC piping, Ebay intercooler, TDR 160* Thermostat, Koyo radiator, 2.5" exhaust, Magnaflow 2.5" Cat, HKS SSQV BOV, Greddy Profec-B

3) Tomikaze -  195.5hp/191.9tq (2004 Ti MSM) @9.916psi
MODS:  FM Full Intake w/ Recirc. Valve, FM Down Pipe, FM Mid-Pipe & Exhaust, FM O2 Clamp

4) Latch - 192hp/177tq. 04 Ti, @ 9.5psi. 93 octane
MODS: FM 3" Turbo Back, FM FMIC, FM Intake & (surging) GFB VTA, O2 Clamp, MBC

5)2004 msm - 190hp/186tq - 04 vrm @ 9psi
MODS: Full exhaust, ebay down pipe/mid pipe (no cat) RB cat back, FM intake/O2 mod/mbc, forge valve, begi tube, ebay IC

6) SilverMiataRacer - 190hp/183tq (2004 Ti MSM)
MODS:  FM Intake, Bailey VTA BOV

180 rwhp club

1) The_Guff- 187.4whp/175tq @10 PSI Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer
MODS: AEM Intake, FM DP, Magnaflow Exhaust, FM TB Inlet, ETS Intercooler, 3 Bar Racing MBC, HKS SSQV

170 rwhp club

1) sloopercat - 178 whp/177tq  FM full exhaust, FM full intake set at 10psi, E-bay IC. 86F, 20% RH  Dynojet

2) spyder_doo - 178whp/170tq  @10psi falling to 8psi  dyno dynamics dynomometer
MODS: Fm intake kit, FM DP, straight exhaust, ebay intercooler

3) yenadar - 177whp / 162wtq FM full exhaust, FM full intake, e-bay intercooler, 8psi, 75F Dynapak SAE (corrected from 173whp and 160wtq)

4) keck03 - 171hp/160tq - 05 lava orange @ 10psi
MODS:  Fm intake/mbc /fm inlet/hks ssqv

5) emexfive - 170whp, 158 torque, roughly 8 psi  91 octane Dynojet SAE, ,
MODS: FM intake, DP and exhaust. Hydra ECU.

6) quicksilver - 170hp/???tq MODS:  AEM intake, Forge Valve

The Stock Club

1) Thresher - 145 RWHP no torque provided  83 degrees/80% humidity

If you want your numbers posted here, please use the exact same format as above...

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: scross8305 on May 03, 2013, 04:54:53 PM
203HP, 212FT/lbs  -  FMIC, Catless DP, Corksport 80mm full exhaust, FM intake, Hydra 2.6 w 750cc, 12psi

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: ozbrock on May 09, 2013, 04:01:05 AM
ozbrock - 175hp/168tq @9psi, 93 octane, Dynojet
MODS: Joe's MAF relocate intake kit

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: retooferab on May 10, 2013, 07:41:20 PM
retooferab - 202hp/188tq @ 10.23psi, Dynojet @ 77F
Mods:  Joe's Intake Kit, 305 Injectors, FM Downpipe and Full Exhaust

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: austexmiata on May 10, 2013, 07:59:29 PM
AustexMiata - 216hp/212lb.ft. @12psi on Dynojet
Mods: BEGI Reflash, 330cc injectors, upgraded FMIC, BEGI SGDP, Walbro 190, BEGI TB Elbow, TurboSmart BOV, TurboSmart MBC, AEM Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, 3.63 gears (stock turbo)

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: yenadar on September 21, 2013, 04:13:26 PM
I was previously here:

170 rwhp club

3) yenadar - 177whp / 162wtq FM full exhaust, FM full intake, e-bay intercooler, 8psi, 75F Dynapak SAE (corrected from 173whp and 160wtq)

But I moved up a bit:
yenadar - 202whp 197wtq @ 10psi @ 85F (same Dynapack as the 177whp run)
Mods: FM full exhaust, FM full intake, e-bay intercooler, 700cc injectors, Hydra, Turbosmart MBC, stock IHI

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: Jeff Goji on April 20, 2014, 06:56:08 PM
Oh, I wish I had seen this thread sooner!

Jeff Goji: 205.54 whp/190.61 wtq @ 10 psi on a Dyno Jet, 70 degree ambient temperature.
Mods: AEM intake, MBC, Begi Downpipe, 3.1" Corksport catback, Begi ECU reflash, Bigger intercooler

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: 04TitaniumGrayPhilly on September 29, 2014, 02:17:38 PM
I'll joint the 300whp club with my mods and power listed in my sig below

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: Okibi on September 29, 2014, 03:33:21 PM
160 rwhp club?

167hp @ 12psi Dyno Dynamics 10-4-2014
MODS: Adaptronic, ID725, Begi intake, ebay FMIC, FM intake elbow, NitroDann Cast dump back 3" exhaust

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: turbofan on November 24, 2014, 07:00:00 AM
Another entry for the 300 who club  :mrgreen: these are straight, uncorrected numbers. We did see that the correction showed another 10 HP or so.

Ed May/Turbofan - 317 whp/283 tq @ 20 psi. 80*F Dynojet Dyno no correction.
MODS: AbsurdFlow Mani/downpipe w/vband GT2871R, full 3" custom exhaust with huge magbaflow in the back and test pipe. AEM EMS-4, ID1000 injectors, walbro 255 pump. Stock ignition and the rest of the fuel system. Forged rods, wiseco pistons, 949 clutch. Lots of other stuff not related to the dyno pull.

Fun times! Next summer plan to turn the boost up some more  :help:

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: Maduh on November 24, 2014, 04:10:55 PM
Oh, I'm in the 190 club. Forgot this thread existed. 194hp and 197tq @ 11psi on a Dynajet @ RC Autoworks in Bridgeview IL.

Custom intake setup (With new IC piping) made by JoeMazda585 with the FM Mafless intake piece. Megasquirt 2 enhanced built by Reverent and self tuned by me. Stock turbo w/ 650cc FIC injectors, DIYAutotune EBC set to 11psi. FM Downpipe with gutted catalytic converter, Stock midpipe, Enthuza XR Catback. Competition stage 2 clutch with stock flywheel and a mishimoto z-line intercooler.

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: Draz on January 26, 2015, 11:15:52 PM
322whp 313wtq- dynojet

Built motor, precision 5558 turbo, 19psi(low), 1000cc injectors, e85. Can't listen everything, ill be here all day.

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: 04TitaniumGrayPhilly on February 17, 2015, 04:20:56 PM
322whp 313wtq- dynojet

Built motor, precision 5558 turbo, 19psi(low), 1000cc injectors, e85. Can't listen everything, ill be here all day.

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: 04MSMVelocity on March 31, 2015, 02:46:33 PM
( (

236.8 HP
209.9 TQ
@12 PSI

Full FM2 conversion (700cc DW injectors, 2560 turbo, full 3" exhaust, ebay intercooler, Hydra 2.7)

This was on a Mustang dyno in GA.  Any GA members - GO see Doug a DBW Motorsports!  Great guy.

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: tuckermon on April 01, 2015, 05:06:46 PM
2004 MSM VR: 

252 WHP  235WTQ when Dyno'd @ 11PSI

Garrett 2560R ball bearing Turbo ported wastegate
Begi S4 (new Style) Manifold and downpipe
Begi #3 intercooler
3" Artech exhaust with dual exit
Hallman Pro RX Remote manual boost controller
Turbosmart BOV
775 FIC injectors
3.63 gears
stage 2 Clutch
cold air intake box

Prior with FM LE, 321cc injectors, stock ECU:

195WHP  187WTQ

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: FrankB on August 19, 2015, 05:58:20 AM
321.24 max power / 305.02 max torque at 19.5psi. My A/F ratio can still be tweaked a bit. I was sitting around 10.6:1 at full boost. The Dyno was having issues picking up the Fab9 COPs spark signal so the RPMs are alittle inaccurate. The bottom graph shows the power compared to MPH vs RPM for reference. The pulls were in 4th gear with a 7800RPM redline. I'l go back for more tuning once my MS3 is running.

( (

( (

8.6:1 Wiseco
Manley "H" beam
EFR 6258
FIC 775cc
Megasquirt MS2e
3.636:1 R&P

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: Maduh on August 19, 2015, 01:14:28 PM
I thought 5th was the MSM's 1:1 gear?

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: SilverMiataRacer on August 19, 2015, 01:35:31 PM
I thought 5th was the MSM's 1:1 gear?

It is as long as you have the 6 speed in the car and this thread is for data posting only not discussions.

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: 04TitaniumGrayPhilly on November 06, 2015, 04:45:10 PM
04 MSM built engine:
83.5mm Wiseco 8.6CR pistons
Eagle rods
Boundary oil pump
SuperMiata damper
Ported Head
Supertech valve springs
ARTech top mount ramhorn style manifold
EFR6258 turbo @20psi
Cat-less exhaust 3"

328whp and 308wtq on 93 octane (5th gear)

Title: Re: Official Dyno Thread
Post by: javierf on November 21, 2015, 01:57:40 AM
175.02 RWHP/154.36 Torque/8.20 Boost/98.43 degrees Temp/28.87 in-Hg/32% Humidity.
MODS: BEGi Speedy 1 Kit (Cool Air Intake System+Throttle Inlet Tube+Forge Bypass Valve), ECU reflash, and FAB9 Intercooler.
Lone Star Dyno: 7160 US-281, Spring Branch, Texas 78070