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Title: Posting Pics in a Post - A How To
Post by: RODEO on March 22, 2005, 03:32:37 AM
Inserting pics in a post - I've seen several people ask this question, maybe this will help.

the images must be on the web already (hosted somewhere), a pic in a post is not imbedded or uploaded to the post, but "called" by the post.
Jim can set up space for you in the gallery to host your images OR you can use any personal space you have.
the Mazdaspeed Gallery is very good!

When posting, you'll see the image icon, when you click that, you'll see it inserts img tags (brackets "[]" around "img" and "/img")
the img tag is used to put the image in the post.

once in the gallery, you "call" them by using the URL from the gallery
to find the URL of an image (in the gallery or elsewhere, right click the image and click proerties, then copy the URL of the image into your clipboard.
put the URL of your image between the img tags.
viola, you've posted a pic