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Author Topic: MSM FM2 install - IC, turbo outlet & lower radiator  (Read 2009 times)
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« on: June 05, 2016, 10:54:57 PM »

I was zipping right along on the overall FM2 install until I came t this part in the process. FM instructions are pretty good but not enough detail on this area.
Maybe this is intentional because of MSM and FM production variables. My general advice is to analyze where IC and hoses need to go and put everything on the table for modification/fabrication. If you do it mechanically or rush through it you are going to have things rubbing against one another that are going to cause failures over time.

Intercooler - Horn and A/C lines need to be moved/re-bent.

1) Horn needs to be moved toward the passenger side as much as possible. The horn is mounted with two brackets. Loosen the nut between the two brackets
and spin it to the passenger side as much as possible, re-tighten. You need to cut off the piece on the top bracket that goes int the sheet metal. This prevents the bracket from being spun to the passenger side.
2)A/C lines between the A/C condenser and the intercooler. These need to be moved toward the front of the car and toward the drivers side. There are two brackets that hold the lines. They are two piece brackets. Separate the two peices and bolt the bracket attached to lines back on the sheet metal after carefully pushing the lines forward and toward the drivers side. You may have to open the bracket up a little to slide the pipes.
3)Test fit the IC and make minor adjustments as necessary. Make sure nothing is touching the condenser or the IC.

Turbo outlet hose and lower radiator hose (silicone radiator hose supplied with kit)

1)Drain power steering fluid.
2)Unbolt pressure line from pump (17mm nut) and remove bracket holding the line.
3)Remove line connecting reservoir to pump.
4)Remove coppper pipe on pump (10mm nut). Don't lose the o-ring. Put some toweling in the hole to keep it clean.
5)Remove OEM radiator hose, discard clamp and hose.
6)Remove white plastic bracket on the frame rail that holds the hoses.  
7)Remove the lower bracket that holds the power steering hose. You will need to open up the end to get it off the hose.
8)You will need to shorten the turbo outlet hose by about 1/2" at the turbo to provide enough clearance around the A/C compressor and room for the radiator hose. Do a little at a time. A electric grinder with a cutting disk with the hose in a vise works great.
9)You will need to shorten the radiator hose by about 1" to provide room for the IC hose and to align the bend in the hose to contours of the A/C compressor.
10)Install the radiator hose first (from the block) then the IC hose (from the turbo).
11)Re-assemble. You can discard the lower bracket for the power steering hose.

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