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Author Topic: Spartan2 Wideband Lambda Controller  (Read 5797 times)
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« on: June 09, 2016, 05:43:49 PM »

I was stuck with Innovate LC-1 for many years and about 90k kms, it is still working properly but with the second Bosch LSU4.2 sensor. The original sensor died at 75k kms after I installed it 10cm behind the turbo  Grin

Have to say I do not use the AFR Gauge on a permanent basis due to the following reasons: my car can read data from WB Lambda controller and send it to the dashboard display; I believe AFR is needed during tuning or troubleshooting only, and I do not like non-OEM looks stuff on my dashboard.

I bought a second car (Mazdaspeed Miata) recently and decided to MegaSquirted it too. So another Lambda Controller was required.

My first impulse was to buy LC-2. But by the chance, I found a small Canadian company 14point7 which produces some Dataloggers, Fuel management units and Wideband Lambda controllers. One of them is Spartan 2.

Spartan 2 is a minimalistic Wideband Lambda controller: No whistles and no bells, no digital output, no programmable output, no changeable faceplates, etc. Just Controller, Bosch LSU4.9 sensor and the cable. And, OMG, NO GAUGE!

The Spartan 2 price is $75USD and $50USD for the Bosch LSU4.9 sensor. So total is $125USD plus shipping.

At this point you can ask: Why do I need a no-name Wideband Lambda Controller for $125 when there are lots of “reputable” manufacturers with controllers starting from $150USD?

IMO, There are 2 main reasons:

1. Spartan 2 produces two calibration signals at startup during 5seconds each: 13.33AFR and 16.66AFR. And if you see different data on your AFR Gauge or in the Tuner Studio this means something is wrong with grounds. Here is the link on Alan To post “Maximizing Accuracy between Spartan 2 and Megasquirt” explaining how to make adjustments in the Tuner Studio in case of different readings.

2. Spartan 2 has output with LED:
When sensor temperature < 755C then the LED will blink slowly (1 blink
every 2 seconds). Sensor is too cold.
When sensor temperature is between 755C to 805C then the LED will
be solid. Sensor temperature is OK.
When sensor temperature > 805 then LED will blink fast (2 blinks every
second). Sensor is too hot.

What else? Alan To, 14point7 owner claims:
- all Automotive grade components, no other wideband controller at any price uses all automotive grade components
- -40C to 125C operation, no other wideband controller at any price offers such a wide operating temperature range
- 0 to 5 volt linear output, 0V at 10 AFR linear to 5V at 20AFR
- simulated narrowband output
- 2 year warranty, twice as long of a warranty compared to other wideband controllers on the market
- 60 day money back guarantee

I spent years of my life on a Laboratory testing equipment manufacturing and calibration;and learned hard way how offset voltage between grounds can ruin your “life”.
Last weekend I installed Spartan 2 on my car and so far I am happy.
I will keep you posted.
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