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Author Topic: Poor man's alignment  (Read 5332 times)
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Fifth Gear
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« on: February 08, 2005, 04:36:09 AM »

I was reading the "Chassis Engineering" book and they describe using very simple tools to adjust camber and toe-in/out.  Camber can be measured by placing a bubble protractor against the tire sidewall and measuring the degrees off 90.  This must be done a flat surface and the protractor is placed on the front or rear sidewall so that the protractor is vertically stable.  Probably a good idea to place weight in the driver seat to simulate your body weight during the alignment.

The toe-in/out can be measured using two paint cans and an 8 foot piece of square steel tubing.  The tube must be straight of course.  Place each can against the front and rear tires.  Place the tube on top of the cans touching the tire you want to measure (front in this case).  Measure from the center of the axle of the wheel to the center of the axle of the other wheel (lets say it 60 inches for demonstration purposes).  Measure the depth from the center of the front wheel and the tube (3 inches or so?).  Measure the distance from the rear axle point and the tube (should be more than the front if you have toe-in).  Lets say is 5 inches.  So you have 2 inches difference between the axle measurements. 

Calculate the degrees of toe-in by finding the circumference of the axle to axle radius (in this case 60 x Pi) divide the product by 360 (degrees in a circle) and multiply that factor by the difference between the front and rear tube measurements from the axle (2 inches in this case).  Based on these numbers you would get:  60(3.14159)/(360*2)) = 1.05 degrees of toe-in.

Has anyone ever tried this method.  Seems cheap enough and simple too.

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Fifth Gear
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Will work for parts!

« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2005, 02:00:18 PM »

I know several people who do similiar methods...   You can do it even simplier if you've got a laser pointer as well Wink

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