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Author Topic: replacing damaged susp parts....  (Read 1355 times)
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Third Gear
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« on: May 08, 2006, 04:57:14 AM »

I crashed my miata a while back. During the slide before the crash I hit a rock with the pass. side rear wheel. After i got the car back from the joke of a body shop I gave the car a thorough look over. Along with a bunch of other problems I noticed that the cam bolts were maxed out to get to factory camber/tow specs. I was moving 800 miles away two days later so I didn't have the time to take it back and make them fix it properly. The collision with the rock pushed the tow on the wheel in question out. I looked at the control arms and they don't *look* bent (no flaking paint or visible diffrence from the un-affected side).
 What parts would you recomend replacing? Where should I take measurments from to see what might be bent? Could I have damaged the sub frame?   help   
 BTW if you live in southern California don't ever take your car to EPR collision in Camarillo. I found 2 loose 10mm bolts, got a shitty excuse for rock guard sprayed on the bottom of the door, left with full tank/got back with empty tank, took weeks longer than they said and ?bent? susp. problems (not just that but they left the agressive negative camber in one corner from my previous alignment (I got a three wheel alignment from them)).  rant
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