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Author Topic: Axiss MM vs. Ultimates  (Read 1474 times)
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Fifth Gear
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« on: July 31, 2006, 03:22:39 PM »

I've had a chance to run a few sets of brake pads through the car now and have some preferences to post.

The last set I tried was the Axiss Ultimates.  I found these to be a poor choice for my driving (Oregon country roads with 50-70 mph twisties). The pads really didn't get a chance to heat up.  For street driving, the initial bite was weak and they only make medium torque when applied heavy, although the grip was pretty linear... When cold, they don't squeel, rather they "rub"... kind of a wierd chattering noise.  They don't dust much and they don't groove the rotors.  For a track day, they did work a little bette when they heated up... however,  while the pades  never faded, they never really provided much of a stopping thrill when compared to racing brakes like Hawk HT-10 or Performance Friction-97's.
They seemed to be the wrong heat range for the street and not the best choice for the track... perhaps an "ok" compromise for someone who wanted a dual purpose pad that was easy on dust and easy on the rotors.

I was able to find a set of Axiss Metal Masters (which have been a standard performance pad, previously make by Repco).  These drove much better on the street.  Great inital bite and a torque curve that increased a bit by the end of your braking zone, causing you to want to trail off a little.  They didn't squeel much when cold.  They dusted moderately and grooved up the rotors a bit when pushed.  I haven't run them at the track yet, but I've used the same pad on other tracked vehicles and found them to be quite adequate.

Metal Masters for me.  sj
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