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Author Topic: How to: Add the TT-Style Shift Plate  (Read 5747 times)
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Fifth Gear
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« on: March 21, 2005, 01:57:19 AM »

I bought the TT-Style Chrome Shift Plate from RSpeed and here are the steps that I used to
install it.  When installed, it actually is attached to the stock shift plate.

I first assembled the Shift Plate with the ring and placed it on top of the exising shift plate and found
that the shift boot retaining frame prevented the chrome shift plate to lay flush on top of the OEM plate.

This meant that I had to get to that shift frame and see what I needed to do - remove it or trim it.

First, follow the steps in removing the center console:

The TT-Style Shift Plate next to the stock shift plate:

Here's the TT-Shift Plate placed on top of the stock shift plate.  Notice that the rear of the shift boot frame
prevents the TT-Shift Plate from sitting properly on the stock shift plate:

Pics of the shift boot retaining frame:

Step 1:  I taped off the section that will need to be trimmed off:

Step 2:  Trim it with a Dremel, hand saw, etc.  After it's trimmed:

Step 3:  Put in the middle 2 screws and secure them with the provided nuts.  These 2 screws ensure that the chrome
plate does not rest flush with the stock plate:

Step 4:  Place the TT-Shift Plate on top of the stock shift plate and mark the 6 holes that need to be drilled.

Step 5:  Use a 5/32nd drill bit to CAREFULLY drill the lower right hole.  Place the screw into the hole.  This will
be your 'anchor screw'.  Once this screw is placed, you can pivot the top plate to align the holes to the marked
areas for drilling:

Step 6:  Drill the remaining 5 holes.  Notice that the 2 lower screws do not have room for the retaining nuts due
to the stock plate's rear 'flap':

Step 7:  I used a Dremel to make room for the 2 nuts.  Not pretty, but it did get the job done:

Step 8:  Assemble the TT-Style Shift Plate to the the stock plate:

Step 9:  Reattach the shift boot to the shift boot frame and then attach it to the console.

Step 10: Attach the shift plates to the console:

Step 11:  Attach the center console to the interior.  Don't forget that you removed 5 screws in the beginning -
2 in the front, 1 under the window switch, and 2 under the arm rest.

Here are some pics with the TT-Style Shift Plate, Redline Shift and Brake Boots installed:


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